Peader-Joes Ceili House

The word ceili has two meanings in our locality, the first is used when you say you are going off to a dance normally at someone’s house, where music is played, songs are sung and a few pints are on hand to wet your whistle.  This can be for a more formal occasion and can often be the beginning of a lifelong romance or can end in a disagreement where too much whiskey has been had and the neighbours fall out. 

The other is a gentler gathering of folk, where people come together for a ceili and chat around the kitchen table, partake in the ritual of tea drinking and swap stories from present day to long ago.  At Peader Joes Ceili House we welcome visitors more often for the latter and occasionally for the former. 

Peadar Joe Haugheys house has been brought back to life from where it has layin, empty for more than 70 years.  We welcome you to come and enjoy the opportunity to sit in front of an open fire, drink tea, enjoy local delicacies including home-made treacle bread and for special guests only (of which you are one), a slice of Sperrin’s fruit cake, and all in the company of local storyteller, Brendan Gormley.  

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