Craft Making & Traditional Music Session with Supper

Welcome to a day of traditional craft making, music, and storytelling at the scenic Peader Haughey farm. Our guide will lead you in a workshop where you’ll learn to make St. Bridget’s crosses from rushes collected on the farm. You’ll be taken on a tour of the farm to collect rushes and then taught the intricate skill of cross making. You’ll get to take your unique and memorable gift home with you.

After the workshop, we’ll serve you a traditional meal prepared by our cook using a recipe that has been passed down for generations. It’s the perfect opportunity to savour the local cuisine while you enjoy the company of your group.

In the afternoon, we’ll have a traditional music, song, storytelling, and dance session led by Danny Donnelly and Philip Clarke. Danny is a renowned traditional fiddle player who has been entertaining locals and visitors for years. Philip plays the button key accordion and has learned traditional tunes from the older members of his community. He’s also a well-known storyteller.

Come and experience the true essence of Irish culture and tradition in a beautiful rural setting.

To Book; email: [email protected]

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