Archaeological Sites

Archaeological Sites

Rich History & Heritage on our doorstep


Within a five mile radius, archaeologists, have identified seventy ancient monuments, including, Court Tombs, Wedge and Portal Tombs, a Ring Cairn and Henge, Stone Circles, an Ogham Stone and Standing Stone. The monuments date mainly from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Early Christian era. A number of the sites are well preserved and are very easily accessible. Tours to the major sites are available by arrangement with An Creagán.


Discovered during peat cutting in the 1940s, the site at Beaghmore consists of an impressive complex of 7 stone circles and rows. All of the rings are associated with cairns and a stone row runs towards these cairns. Pollen analysis shows wheat farming took place during the Neolithic period, while the stone circles and cairns are attributed to the earlier part of the Bronze Age. Further stones and cairns may still lie hidden in the adjacent peat. Approx 6.5 miles from An Creagán


This is the only example of an Ogham Stone inscription in County Tyrone. It is believed to have been a burial marker or commemorative inscription incised on the stone before 500AD. The inscription reads "Do Te Tto Maqi Maglant", two males named linked with Maqi which means "son of" (the earliest form of the modern Mac). Approx. 5 miles from An Creagán


A well preserved court tomb which is thought to date back to 3500BC in a beautiful setting overlooking Lough Mallon. After the climate became wetter, farmers left the area and the tomb became covered in peat, meaning for generations it went untouched. Excavations revealed cremated bone, flint arrow heads and assorted pottery items. Approx. 3 miles from An Creagán


Nearest the road is a very narrow court. Beyond this is a ruined gallery. The cairn is around 25m long and stretched at right angles away from the road. At the far end is a random arrangement of stones. A wall seems to have been constructed across where the far gallery should be and in front of that is a very disrupted court. It has a fine boulder kerb along both sides of the cairn. Approx. 3 miles from An Creagán



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